Chocolate and chocolate makers news

Introduced by the Barry Callebaut group after years of research, Ruby chocolate was officially unveiled in 2017. Discover a chocolate whose future already looks promising and radiant.
On october, the jury presented the result of the 2020 International chocolate award competition. The votes were collected among newspaper editors, bloggers, experts and chefs in order to produce a selection of the bests chocolate bars in the world.
In September 2020, Lindt unveiled the Home of Chocolate Museum, a major cultural institution showcasing Swiss craftsmanship and heritage.
Eating chocolate is an amazing experience! Biting into a chocolate bar releases endorphins that make us feel good. What if you could bring your passion for chocolate to another level?  What if you became an expert in this field?
Results of 2019 competition for the best chocolate bars organized by the International Chocolat Award
10 candidates were trying the right to wear the "blue, white and red" collar, symbols of french best chocolate makers.
Le Figaro tested and ranked chocolate éclairs made by the best pastry chefs in Paris.