Villars has been a master chocolatier for 100 years and is the home of pure Swiss chocolate. Based in the Fribourg county, it has been perpetuating the tradition of Swiss chocolate for a century, with its creamy real farm milk and premium cocoa beans.

Chocolate made from delicious farm milk

For a century, Villars has been making the best Swiss chocolates from the farm's own milk. The master chocolate maker has earned its good reputation thanks to the pure milk taste of its chocolate. The master chocolate maker founded its dairy production in a pasture area of Fribourg which is particularly suitable for milk production. This geographic location allows the production of a smooth milk. The unique taste and smoothness of the milk is revealed in Villars chocolates as they melt under the palate.

A creamy chocolate that melts under the palate

Villars Swiss Chocolate is a high quality chocolate made from the best cocoa beans. The cocoa beans are roasted in the factory itself to extract their sweet aroma. The production process has been the same since the invention of Swiss milk chocolate. The beans are first refined before being conched. This method is specific to the Swiss chocolate industry and results in extremely creamy chocolate. Once conched, the paste becomes smooth, producing a chocolate rich in aroma, but also a pleasant sweetness on the palate.

Quality chocolate for all

Villars also owes its reputation to the quality of its ingredients and the excellent quality of its manufacturing. The selection of beans, hazelnuts and other ingredients needed to produce the chocolate is carried out rigorously. The chocolate maker works with quality suppliers in order to produce exceptional chocolate. This relationship has also contributed to building its great reputation. Villars offers quality chocolates for all: praline chocolates, old-fashioned chocolates, liqueur chocolates or a bar of pure milk chocolate, or even white chocolate. Its chocolate collection is so diverse that it's impossible to resist.

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1701 Fribourg