Belledonne is a company specialized in the manufacture of organic pastries, cookies, pastries, chocolates and breads. Located in Savoie, the company now distributes its famous chocolates all over France.

Belledonne's chocolates are made according to the French chocolate tradition. Handmade, they are recognizable by their fruity and powerful taste in the mouth.
Originally from St Domingue, the chocolate used - of recognized quality - is guaranteed free of soy lecithin and pure cocoa butter. The company designs some especially for holidays such as Easter or Christmas, in suitable forms.

Belledonne is located in Savoie. Founded in 1991 by Bruno Anquetil, the brand is available in no less than 1500 stores and boutiques in France today. Artisanal products - including chocolate specialties - that have appealed to the most gourmet. In the chocolate factory, the manufacturing process is always the same and well respected: once at the right temperature, it is molded into different shapes, then frozen and packaged in bags.

The Belledonne brand is characterized by its organic culture. A real commitment, to have the best products of a local culture. The chocolate is certified organic fair trade, like the sesame seeds or the brown sugar of the pastries. Thus 100% of the ingredients of Belledonne come from organic farming. More than a characteristic, it is an essential principle for the company.