Artisanal chocolate factory of the chocolate maker Antton - Espelette

Visit and free tasting of a traditional workshop of fine chocolates. The Master Chocolatier will teach you how he refines chocolate and marries it with multiple flavors. You will be able to buy and taste our specialties: praline chocolate, crunchy, pure dark, intense, dark cherry, fruity, or the famous Espelette pepper chocolate, powerfully aromatic and warmly spicy.

Fine chocolates to offer directly from the Chocolaterie d'Espelette of the Master Chocolatier Antton. Pure Cocoa Butter production for traditional dark chocolates or original chocolates with flowers, chilli pepper... in boxes, boxes and gift boxes. For Christmas and Easter. Fine chocolate as the best gift. Online purchase / Sale of boxes, boxes and gift boxes of dark chocolate.

Through a network of fine grocery stores and other chocolate stores you can find our specialties: pure dark chocolate, Espelette pepper, dark cherry, etc.

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Points of sale

Route d'Ayherre
64240 Bonloc

Place du Marché
64250 Espelette

Centre commercial Ametzondo Shopping
64990 Saint-Pierre D’Irube