Bertil Akesson is of Swedish origin and owns the Grande Chocoloterie Akessons. He devoted his whole life to his cocoa plantations.

He is the son of a diplomat and traveled extensively in Africa, Sweden and France. His father introduced him to cocoa plantations in Africa and in1979, he moved to Madagascar to live there and manage his properties. Thus began Akesson's journey in a country with countless tropical products.

In Madagascar, Bertil Akesson learned everything he needed to know about the profession of cocoa planter to make it his trademark. His main specialty is fine-seeded cocoa. Year after year, his plantation established itself as a reference in Madagascar. In 2009, Bertil took over his plantations in Brazil and became involved in the sale of cocoa and peppers from Indonesia, in order to offer quality products that respect the environment.

Today, his plantations in Brazil and Madagascar produce cocoa beans of exceptional quality that are used by the world's top chefs and chocolate makers. Bertil Arkesson discovered the secret use of pepper to improve recipes and the alchemy of turning cocoa into chocolate thanks to his collaboration with these talented artists. Akessons Chocolate Factory's philosophy is to select only pure, authentic and ethical products, and to offer the best for its customers.