Henri Le Roux

The Henri Le Roux brand is recognized in France and internationally for its exceptional chocolates and caramels, both in terms of taste and craftsmanship.

The quality of Henri Le Roux products was inherited from the famous pastry chef Louis Le Roux. His son, Henri Le Roux, took over the family business in 1965 in Finistère.

In 1977, this lover of sweet flavors and culinary arts decided to sell his father's company before founding his own chocolate business in Quiberon. In order to stand out, he created an innovative product, semi-salted butter caramels made from walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts. This recipe marked the beginning of a long and successful career.

Henri Le Roux was awarded the title of Best Chocolatier in France in 2003 by the Guide des Croqueurs de Chocolat (Chocolate Crunchers' Guide). Henri Le Roux can pride himself on designing a number of dresses at chocolate fairs and on partnering with the prestigious Japanese pastry maker, Yoku Moku.

Shops map

Points of sale

ZA Mané Craping
56690 Landévant

18 rue de Port Maria
56170 Quiberon

3-14-1 , Shinjuku
Shinjuku - Ku 160-0022

TOKYO MIDTOWN Galleria 9-7-1 , Akasaka
Minato – Ku 107-0052