Bovetti chocolates are famous for the quality of their cocoa beans and raw materials. Valter Bovetti, a former production manager in several biscuit factories, created his own company in 1994 in Corr├Ęze.
Since then, this chocolate maker sets himself apart by the originality of its products, such as nails and tools made of chocolate. In 1996, this craftsman was recognized internationally when he took part in the SIAL trade fair in Paris. In 2002, he opened a chocolate factory in Terrasson and founded the Bovetti Chocolate Museum.

Several innovative creations have contributed to the great reputation of the company, most notably its " aperitif " chocolates or its chocolate fondue that can be prepared in 2 minutes. The chocolate factory in Terrasson continues to develop and Valter Bovetti is invited to many fairs.
Among his many awards, this chocolate maker has received the " Product Innovation Sial 2004 " distinction for his chocolate spread. Today, the brand is sold in many countries.

The Terrasson site produces 360 tons of chocolate a year, 15% of which is exported.

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Z.A.E.S. du Moulin Rouge
24120 Terrasson Lavilledieu