Bonnat is a chocolate maker and confectioner from Voiron. It was founded in 1884 by Félix Bonnat. A loving relationship with chocolate is at the heart of this great empire.
The house quickly became famous because the family knew how to organize itself efficiently to gain the loyalty of its many loyal customers. Moreover, Voiron is a touristic town with a considerable number of visitors.

Bonnat's success can be measured both nationally and internationally. In fact, shortly after its launch, about 180 stores were set up throughout France to distribute its products. Soon, its fame spread beyond the borders. From 1919 onwards, Bonnat exported its flagship products to Indochina, Asia and even Africa.

Bonnat's other special feature is its generational dedication to chocolate. As a result, the company's current managers are able to master the process: they know how to blend different chocolate flavors with finesse, how to balance the proportions of ingredients and how to add cocoa beans couverture to make the final products pleasing to the palate.

Here are some of Bonnat's signature products: Pavés de Voiron, Chocolat à la Chartreuse, Œufs de Coquille and Grands Crus du Cacao. These products are available in different variations: Tablets, Dominos, Palets, etc. Bonnat's products are designed on site and its raw materials are rigorously selected from plantations across several continents.

Shops map

Points of sale

189 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré
75008 Paris

8, cours Senozan
38502 Voiron


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