Antoine Jacques, a passionate chocolate lover, created his own chocolate company in Verviers in 1986 in partnership with a regional chocolate maker. Mr Jacques soon created an original product called "le bâton de chocolat" (the chocolate stick). This delicious treat was patented in 1936.

Chocolaterie Jacques opened in 1920 and the production of chocolates was transferred to Eupen two years later. Acquired by the Stollweck group in 1982, the chocolaterie expanded its production facilities in 1987.

In 1993, it was awarded the Wallonia Prize for its export products. In 2001, Jacques chocolates received the Ambao label for its quality. In 2007, they also adopted the Belgian Chocolate Code to indicate the origin and quality of the chocolate on each package.


  • The chocolate stick: this chocolate is the first creation of the chocolaterie. Today, the sticks are available in many different varieties: mocha-rum, banana, praline or even milk and hazelnuts.