Corné 1932 is one of the oldest Belgian chocolate brands. Its founder, Maurice Corné, decided to open his own shop in 1932 in Brussels.

Later on, his brothers and sisters, who were also passionate about chocolate, opened their own shops with similar names. Several takeovers and mergers resulted from these different foundations. As a result, Corné 1932 is no longer part of the Corné family. It is now part of the "jams and spreads" branch of the original brand.

Corné 1932's shop is now located in the stunning "Galeries du Roi" and offers pralines, spreads, but also speculos and other delicacies.


  • Chips: piece of chocolate (available in white chocolate, dark chocolate, almond chocolate, etc)
  • Chocolate spread: fondant, Praline, Milk, etc.