Chocolaterie De Graeve

Kristof De Graeve opened his chocolaterie  in 1990 after studying culinary arts in Bruges and Antwerp for several years.

This chocolate lover uses traditional recipes then customizes them. The ingredients are carefully chosen by Mr De Graeve who incorporates them into tasty creations, such as macaroons, pralines and truffles. Chocolate is also one of the specialties of the House.

Since 2008, the De Graeve Chocolaterie has been part of the prestigious Belgian group "Maison des maîtres chocolatiers belges" (House of Belgian Master Chocolatiers) or "BBCW". Kristof De Graeve's chocolates are sold in the shop of the Grand Place in Brussels, among the creations of the greatest chocolate makers in Belgium. The chocolaterie also has its own shop in Zelzate.

Shops map

Points of sale

Burgmeester J. Chalmetlaan 67
9060 Zelzate